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remote monitoring is the difference between a picture and a movie

matt kokan - municon director

remote monitoring explained

Whilst a picture can provide information in one moment, a movie will provide context and show the evolution of the setting. Clients no longer have to depend on a technician or surveyor to periodically visit their site and assess the condition of critical infrastructure.

Just like a movie, at Municon our remote monitoring team provides clients with continuous daily data at the click of a button. More importantly, the ‘movies’ we provide are close to real-time and alarms can be set to alert the client and contractors if any of the monitored targets have exceeded any important thresholds.

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25+ years monitoring excellence

Founded in 1991, Municon is a trusted structural and geotechnical instrumentation monitoring services provider. For over 25 years, Municon has provided monitoring services to both the public and private projects. Monitoring data has been made available to contractors, engineers and stakeholders.

Monitoring is crucial for risk mitigation and asset protection. Municon provides:

  • Remote Monitoring of a variety of parameters,
  • Data via a password protected website,
  • Email & SMS alarms when threshold are exceeded,
  • Monitoring reports

Municon provides clients with quality actionable data. Allowing data driven decisions to be made during the lifetime of a project.

Remote monitoring allows for a high sampling rate, reduced risk whilst monitoring and monitoring of hard to reach places. Municon hosts and manages all data and content on secure online servers, allowing users to interact with the data and content anytime, anywhere.

With automatic email and sms alerts, preventative action can be taken to mitigate risk before a critical failure occurs; saving costs, infrastructures and lives.

Municon has previously collected real time data for dams, tunnels, bridges, excavations and critical infrastructure.

Municon also has the capability to design custom or specialized monitoring solutions to adapt to the parameters important to a project.

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Municon helps owners and contractors manage risk by utilizing the latest advancements in instrumentation and automated data collection systems.

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