Dust Monitoring

Construction is a messy business, and unfortunately with it often comes a lot of dust. Regulations have been put in place to make sure dust particulates are managed both at the worksite and in nearby communities. Particulate size, wind speed and wind direction are some of the key dust management attributes to be measured.

Whether you are a contractor creating dust or a nearby resident worried about dust, Municon is here as a trusted 3rd party to help you monitor dust levels and create reports set against predetermined benchmarks. Our reports are based upon real-time data from industry-leading dust level meters and not a “gut feeling” that there is too much dust in the area.

When possible, we take initial baseline readings to make sure we understand the ambient dust profile before construction begins. Automated alerts can be sent out if thresholds are passed. We will not only give early warnings of dust related issues, but we will also confirm when corrective measures have been effectively implemented.

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