Settlement & Ground Movement Monitoring

During the construction process, ground settlement and movement of all sorts can occur that may impact the newly erected buildings or existing structures nearby. Ground movement and settlement can be caused by a host of natural and man-made reasons depending upon the local soil types, ground water profiles, and how much earth is being removed and re-added - among many other factors.

Whether you are a contractor or a nearby building owner worried about ground movement and settlement, Municon is here as a trusted 3rd party to help you monitor precise movement/settlement levels and create reports set against predetermined benchmarks. Our reports are based upon real-time data using settlement platforms, AMTS (Automated Total Stations), inclinometers and other geotechnical sensor technologies.

We take initial baseline readings to understand the ground profile before construction initiates. Automated alerts can be sent out if thresholds are passed. We will not only give early warnings of ground movement and settlement, but we will also confirm when corrective measures have been effectively implemented.

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