Richmond, BC

Core Program at YVR Airport

project info

Location: 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC

Developer: Vancouver Airport Authority at YVR

General Contractor: EllisDon

Project Date: Aug 2018 -

Description: Consists of the development of a new parkade building, and new Central Utility Building (CUB) on the existing economy lot site

Ground Transportation Facilities (parkade) - Six storeys in height and Includes a water conservation structure for rainwater capture and reuse

Central Utilities Building (CUB) - Three storeys in height. consists of four projects aimed at improving YVR’s heating, cooling, and electrical infrastructure. $460 million project, sized at 200,000 sq.ft

work carried out

CORE Program work at YVR Airport include a number of construction activities in close proximity to the Canada Line ROW

Site location is surrounded by existing structures on the west (existing parkade) and east side of the economy lot site. Canada Line Skytrain station is located just north of the construction site

Construction activities include: micro-tunneling, excavation, subgrades, and shoring

Providing Remote Total Station Monitoring, Tiltmeter Monitoring and Vibration Monitoring plan of Canada Line infrastructure to mitigate the risk of damage

  • Including instrumentation installed on Canada Line piers north of site location and existing parkade west of site location:
  • 2 Total Stations to monitor movement, and 16 survey prisms and reference prisms, 15 tiltmeters affixed to 15 piers along the Canada Line and surrounding structures
  • 2 vibration sensor monitors installed adjacent to Canada Line piers connected to a base station, equipped with batteries and solar panels

How was data delivered?

The total station is equipped with a modem that will allow data to be transmitted via cellular connection to an office server. Vibration sensors are connected to on site base station from which the data will be transmitted to office server

Data is processed, analyzed and presented digitally in near-real time on a privately accessible website

Interesting Fact...

GeoPacific is also the geotechnical consultants providing engineering services for the project

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