Vancouver, BC

150 Robson Street

project info

Location: 150 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

Project Contractor: Amacon

Project Date: June 2020

Description: Comprehensive Utility Locate for streets, sidewalks and laneway surrounding 150 Robson Street

work carried out

Performed a utility desk study to determine the utility locations in the streets surrounding the area of 150 Robson. Once utilities were identified a hydro-vac plan was constructed to physically expose and verify the depths and offsets of critical underground infrastructure.

Equipment used to complete the investigation was ground penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic scanning (EM) and hydro-vac truck.

Comprehensive locate report which includes a utility site plan with the data collected and pictures clearly showing the utilities being investigated.

Large BCHydro infrastructure in the area was located and we were able to insure that the shoring design would not be in conflict with the infrastructure, this will add value by avoiding costly redesigns in the future.

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