Vancouver, B.C

Vancouver Drydock

project info

Location: 203 Esplanade East, North Vancouver, BC

Project Contractor: Seaspan

Project Date: August 2020

Description: Perform a 2D grid scan in a location that had water emitting from the ground for quite some time. The grid was selected such that the water leak was in the center with the intention of investigating the location of the leak and determine the most adequate location to begin excavating.

work carried out

A 2D grid scan was laid out on the ground in the vicinity of the water leak. Utilizing ground penetrating radar and GPS tracking the data was collected on site in a 6.0 m by 20.0 m grid with 0.5 m grid spacing lines.

How was data delivered?

The data collected was then interpreted using software in the office and different variables assigned to provide the best images. The information was then described to the client in a report with suggestions on where and how large the affected area could be.

Interesting Fact...

2D grid scan provided approximate area of interest for exploration as well as the depth that had a different signal attenuation than the surrounding ground conditions.

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