Campbell River, BC

John Hart Dam

project info

Location: 10 John Hart Road, Campbell River, BC

Project Date: May - July 2019

Description: Demolition of two water towers at John Hart Dam, John Hart Road.

work carried out

An assessment of the anticipated vibration levels that will be transferred through the existing soils to a Fortis gas line when the water tower impacts the ground-surface, including comments regarding the need for a berm to help absorb the impact of the tanks on the ground. The assessment included an onsite test trial to characterize attenuation behavior. The trial consisted of dropping weights of know mass at various heights while measuring seismic waves at varying distances. 4 seismographs we used for the onsite trial.

In-situ vibration monitoring during demolition work to record ground vibration induced from the falling tanks, including post-event memos/reports summarizing the results of the testing. A total of 8 seismographs were recording the demolition events.

How was data delivered?

A written attenuation study report was created before tower demolition. Study was integral in berm design and approval process for tower demolition. Monitoring report for vibrations caused during tower demolition

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