New Westminster, BC

Amazon YVR3 Parking Lot

project info

Location: 109 Braid Street, New Westminster, BC

Project Contractor: Jensen Hughes

Project Date: April 2020

Description: Investigation was required to locate all the existing utilities located within the parking lot at an Amazon fulfilment center. The information was required to design a plan for the installation of a new water line to the warehouse.

work carried out

Performed a utility desk study to determine the underground infrastructure in the parking lot at the Amazon fulfilment center.

Ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic scanning was performed to locate and mark all the underground infrastructure in the parking lot.

How was data delivered?

A locate report was submitted to the client and engineering to assist in determining the best location for new infrastructure to be installed and what depths are required.

Interesting Fact...

Scanning confirmed the locations of the active underground infrastructure, additionally located old infrastructure that was left after alterations had been made.

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