Delta, BC


project info

Location: 7691 Vantage Way, Delta, BC

Project Contractor: Consolidated Coatings Corp

Project Date: July 2020

Description: Perform a 2D grid scan in a location to determine a location the have concrete coring work done. The location that is being looked for would be without rebar or utility conduits to avoid structural damage or utility damage.

work carried out

A 2D concrete grid scan was laid out in a location that the client was intending to have new conduits run to add to the machinery their business uses. Using a 400MHz antenna the technician performed the scanning, after reviewing the data the linear features were drawn on the wall with chalk. This then allowed the coring to occur in a place with no existing rebar or conduits.

How was data delivered?

A 2D concrete grid scan was collected on-site and the 2D image was displayed on the equipment used, this was then used to mark the grid with the rebar contained in the concrete wall.

Interesting Fact...

The concrete scanning equipment is able to determine rebar at various depths which can then be drawn on the concrete wall for best coring results.

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