Vancouver, BC

8320 Oak St

project info

Location: 8320 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC

Project Contractor: Bold Properties LP

Project Date: September 2020

Description: Perform a pre-construction survey and report as well as locate under infrastructure to ensure that the activity on the neighboring property would not interfere with the existing infrastructure.

work carried out

Document and measure any preexisting conditions at the neighboring property prior to commencing work at the project site. This was done to provide assurances and easy resolve to the client if damage occurred.

Ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic scanning was performed to document all the underground infrastructure at the fuel service station, depths and offsets recorded. The information was used to construct a shoring design that would remain well away from the service stations infrastructure.

How was data delivered?

Pre-construction report with pictures, locations and measurements was submitted to have on file as reference. A utility locate report was created to provide engineering to use as reference for the shoring design.

Interesting Fact...

Scanning was able to show depth of concrete pad that at the fuel pumps, located the underground fuel storage in the area and provided depths and offsets to ensure a minimum safe distance was maintained with the shoring design.

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