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A condition survey provides a document with supporting media of adjacent infrastructure conditions before, during and after construction activities. The condition survey visually analyzes and describes cracks, discolouring and other defects observed at the time of the survey. A condition survey protects the contractor, developer and infrastructure owner.

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The ability to distinguish between conditions prior to, during and after development can prevent costly legal issues and allegations. For the contractor & developer a condition survey is a legal claim defense system. If an adjacent infrastructure owner makes allegations that damage was sustained due to construction activities, the pre-condition survey can be referenced to confirm or deny the damages were due to construction activities. This allows for accurate, prompt and fair settlement of property damage claims.

For adjacent infrastructure owners, a condition survey can accurately confirm that damages claimed was caused during the construction period. This again allows for accurate, prompt and fair settlement of property damage claims.

Cracking identified before, during or after construction can also be identified during a condition survey can be monitored with manual or remote crack gauges. These can be read at a defined frequency and will provide information regarding the opening of cracks during construction activities.

Our surveys are done via video & photo documentation

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