MUNICON provides geotechnical and structural instrumentation services for monitoring of heavy construction works including highways, tunnels, deep excavations, heavy fills and bridges.

Seismic Retrofit of Historic Posey and Webster Street Tubes, Alameda, California
Seismic stabilization of two historic immersed precast tube tunnels by ground modifications with stone column jet grouting. These are the only two built in the US without steel shells. The 4500-foot long reinforced concrete tunnels, built beneath the Oakland Estuary, each carry two lanes of traffic between Oakland and Alameda. Municonís work encompassed vibration and noise monitoring and monitoring for movement with arrays of tiltmeter electrolytic beam sensors, some with dataloggers.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge - West Approach, San Francisco, California
The $177 million seismic retrofit of the West Approach encompasses demolition and reconstruction of a section of Interstate 80 that extends from the Fifth Street on/off ramps to the First Street on ramp near the western anchorage of the Bay Bridge. This project involves maintaining 280,000 vehicles per day while rebuilding this double decked concrete elevated freeway originally constructed in the 1930ís and also includes on/off ramps and retrofitting the bus loops at the Transbay Terminal.

Lower Northwest Interceptor Program, Sacramento, California
Municon is providing geotechnical instrumentation for the 60' deep shored excavations on the $114 million new Natomas and South River Pump Stations. These two 380 million gpd pump stations are being constructed as part of the major interceptor expansion project for the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District. Municon provided and installed arrays of in-place inclinometers operated via solar powered Campbell Dataloggers and is remotely monitoring this instrumentation from its office with cellular phones.

State Route 87, Guadalupe Freeway, San Jose, California
Municon provided geotechnical instrumentation on eight construction contracts for the Route 87 improvement project which includes the upgrade of Route 87 from the 4-lane existing Guadalupe Parkway to a 6-lane freeway between Julian Street and Route 101. The project also includes three major interchanges and adding carpool lanes to adjacent sections of the freeway for a total of about 10 miles of highway improvements on this $350 million project.

Cypress Freeway Reconstruction, Oakland, California
Municon performed pre and post construction documentation, geotechnical instrumentation with inclinometers, tiltmeters and vibration monitoring services on multiple construction contracts for the reconstruction of this freeway whose elevated portion collapsed in the Loma Prieta earthquake.  

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